Innovative Approach To Patient Care

Our Mission

Higher Health presents personalized pharmacy services where patients are truly in the center of care.
Our pharmacists schedule home visits and delivery services that meet your specific needs. 


Our Services Include

Home Visits - Consultation and Follow-ups

Initial consultation and follow-ups to gather as much health related information. 

Free Medication Deliveries

Blister packs and OTC products delivered to your doorstep at no extra cost.

Personal Call / Text Notification Reminders

We will try our best to help you to never miss your medications, appointments and other important reminders. 

Medical Device Set-up and Guidance

We will help you learn how to use your insulin, blood pressure monitor and more.

Regular Blister Pack

Blister Packs are great way to help you remember to take your medications. 

Medication Disposal

We will discard your old and expired medications properly.

Regular Blood Pressure and Blood Sugar Monitoring

Blood Pressure (for Hypertension) and Blood Sugar (for Diabetes) measurements will be shared with your primary physician and medication modification will be advised accordingly.

BEST DEAL on OTC Products and Medical Supplies

Over-The-Counter Products (such as Tylenol, Cough Medications)
Medical Supplies (such as Blood Pressure Monitor, First Aid Supplies)

Just Ask

Ask us how we can help you today.